Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Gospel of Ignorance

I really don’t know why I have been traumatizing myself in this way, but I guess it has been in the interest of seeing how God and Christianity are being misrepresented online; I have been googling different phrases like, “God hates you”, “God hates fags”, and so on, which has lead me to all sorts of different blogs and websites that insight racism, many forms of hate speech towards all different types of groupings of people, and an enormous dose of pure and uncensored abhorrence! I find these websites and blogs utterly and completely disgusting, disturbing and ridiculous! As if the blog posts on these pages were not hateful enough, with titles like, “Homosexuality Killed John Travolta’s Little Retard” and “Prayer Warriors: Please pray for this fat, stupid Negress!” the comments that are found below them, justifying and rationalizing their stance, are equally if not more nauseating!

These two posts specifically come from a website called “Republican Faith Chat”, and it sadly seems to have a large following. For instance, in the above mentioned racist post, one of the comments from “Lillian Push”, who seems to be an avid follower of this blog, goes as followed:

“As a Christian, I don’t believe in either racism or evolution.
But I do believe that there is a human subspecies that lives amongst us.
Sort of half-human half-gorilla. I think that this video is a perfect example of this type of creature.
Clearly, this human/gorilla is too stupid to protect itself.
It deserves our pity, not our laughs.
This gorilla/human doesn’t know any better. Please, with the compassion of Christ, I ask that my fellow Christians have pity on this stupid creature. She knows not what she does. She is like a dog that pees on the carpet. Have mercy on this wretched beast.

In His Name I pray,

DISGUSTING!!!!!!! I just vomited in my mouth a little!! Though I know that these people do not represent the entire Christian population in beliefs and views expressed, they do in fact “represent” Christianity to the world by title, connecting themselves to God and Christianity and putting these ignorant statements out there for the world to read. I am deeply saddened by this! I know, in turn, it would be wrong for me to hate these people and not love them, but it is very tempting! I realized that this shows my own hypocrisy because I have feel compassion towards the very people these bloggers attack, and yet I feel absolutely nothing for these "so-called-Christian" bloggers! But in my hypocrisy of feelings towards them, I do believe strongly that this type of hate should not be spread, even more so and most especially, in the name of God, and I do not think it should be tolerated what-so-ever! I don't know what to do about it, but i am open to suggestions. So, if you have a free moment and you enjoy literature of the horror genre, go to this blog.

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